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Momentous occasions and the time zones

The other day I stumbled upon the news article that an Indian Charity Foundation serving meals free of cost to the homeless and schoolchildren in London. Akshaya Patra Foundation UK/Europe had been on fundraising to help feed midday meals to millions of school children in India.         The reciprocal gesture the Foundation had shown by helping the economically marginal people of the benefactor’s country, nonetheless, it raises a few curious scenarios on my mind. Let us assume a momentous time gap when it was almost impossible to think about this magnanimous decision from both the sides or for that matter, the benefactors and the beneficiary on a reverse and different time zone, say, two hundred years back from now on. Let us move back to a time zone when India was ruled by the British. In that era, the common concept about the British in India was that they have come here to exploit only. Every British citizen from every nook and crannies of the whole island are exploiters, indulg
A Queer Rainy Night — a short story Chapter one It was the year of 1993. In one of my regular routine area visits as a Sales Rep. throughout India as a part of the working assignments for a medium sized Engineering firm, I started off from my home city of Kolkata towards Mumbai and reached there after thirty-six hours of the train journey. Mumbai: as it is known for its vibrancy and cosmopolitanism, however, has no dearth of cheap and best accommodations for a night stay. So I checked in among one such hotel and after a night stay next morning, I again set out for the next destination called Kalyan : Forty Kilometres away from Mumbai – a suburban town devoiding of the fanfare and busy city life as Mumbai . But there is a self-imposed caveat for me or you can say a self-contradictory mental snag which I would like to point out here is that whenever I went out for a field duty I had a mixed feeling because, generally, I like to travel but when it comes to spending nights at
                 A Sales Copy sample about Health Imagine what could have come over you all of a sudden—no mark of stress anxiety and depression or that creepy feeling haunting you all the time. How calm you feel now inside your brain, your very ‘magic circle’! But, to begin with, let me explain a true story. Here it goes: Long back in the middle part of the nineteenth century there lived an ascetic sage in the Western part of the province of Maharastra in India—he is still revered as the true embodiment of God for his miraculous power of saving his devotees from the clutches of evil and incurable diseases. His name is Sri Saibaba of Shirdi.                 A true ascetic that he was, he has had the uncanny ability to visualize the past, present and future events much in advance than any mortal being can even get to any slightest hint of any massive future setback implied in any apparently good events.                One evening Sri Saibaba was sitting amo

How to combine modern technological science with ancient wisdom?

How to combine modern technological science with ancient wisdom? Having enthused by the thought-provoking as well as engaging article published in the Times of India on 02-01-2018 by Ariana Huffington: the honorable CEO and the founder of The Huffington Post & also the CEO of Thrive Global; I also intend to scribble down something if it is, at all, of any worth to be considered with as such.                          It will not be an exaggeration here in saying that in a developing country like India, people have had gone through many social upheavals and turbulence, or for that matter, assemblage of many kaleidoscopic races and a novel kind of sub-culture automatically taken its root here through the centuries as a natural corollary, therefore, replacing the ancient values and systems  with a  new kind of social order and cultural behavior so the kind of attitude that things should be left as it is and to give more access to each sub-cultures as the bottom line on o
Possibilities of ‘madur-kathi’ (reed) handicrafts as home-décor   and for everyday use Formal Introduction: Irrespective of any country dividing the geographical boundary, one common thread that binds some traditional ethnic sects together; possibly is the god-gifted mastery over weaving of any item depending upon the availability and type of raw materials in respective countries. Whether one lives in India or in Europe or in North America or in any aboriginal ethnic sect in Africa; there is no dearth of skilled and efficient craftsmen making elegant home décor, gift and items that are being used regularly in everyday household chores. Crafts from the state of West Bengal (situated in the eastern periphery of India, skirting along mighty Himalayan mountain range in its northern part and the vast territory on both sides of the river Hooghly (local name), dividing the City of Calcutta and the district of Howrah on each side of the river on the Southern fringe enriched by th

Manaj's First Blog

Hello World,                     I am so glad to publish my first blog and it gives me thrill beyond measure. Initially I would like to publish my blogs based on home decor and gift items handicrafts made by artisans in this part of the world and to showcase the magnificent articles handcrafted by them. Make sure these products are nature-friendly and bio-degradable and each artifacts are unique by its own nature right from a bamboo cane busket to a ladies hand bag etc etc........